The Tampa River Walk

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Riverwalk Paving the Way Program

Friends of the Riverwalk, a non-profit, privately funded organization, is proud to offer Paving the Way, personalized granite pavers along the City of Tampa’s Riverwalk.  While supporting special events, family oriented activities and beautification along the Riverwalk and within its parks, residents and visitors may commemorate special occasions, honor loved ones, or help create the unique identity and sense of place of Tampa’s Riverwalk by purchasing a 12x12 granite paver.

Each paver can be engraved with up to four lines, with 18 characters (including spaces) per line. 12"x12" square pavers are $135 each and linear 4"x24" pavers are $175.

*Please note that pavers are engraved by hand right on the Riverwalk and may take up to 90 days in some cases to be completed. Bad weather can delay the engraving process. We cannot guarantee a paver is being engraved by a specific date. 

Buy a Tampa Riverwalk Paver


The purchase of a paver on the Tampa Riverwalk supports Friends of the Riverwalk and will help fund needed additions to the waterfront.


Paver Guidelines

Although the donors propose the wording they would like to have placed on the paver, with the actual placement of paver along the Riverwalk, it does become the property of the City of Tampa.   Inscriptions on the pavers, including any future bricks, tiles and bronze plaques programs that may be developed and placed along Tampa’s Riverwalk, are intended to be a positive acknowledgement of a person(s) or event(s).  Inscriptions shall typically include the name(s) of the honoree(s) and may include a brief message of tribute or remembrance. Inscriptions may include the name of an organization, business or commercial enterprise when a business is being recognized for a donation or service to the community.  The inscription may not include a slogan, logo, or wording that would be considered by the average person to be advertising. 
As the manager of the Paving the Way program, Friends of the Riverwalk reserves the right to reject any submitted wording which in its opinion fails to meets acceptable community standards and the purpose and family based philosophy of the Riverwalk.  In all instances, inscriptions may not include profanity, vulgarity, or personal attacks nor reference race, religion, color, deity, ethnic heritage, sexual orientation, disability status, or political views or affiliations.