The Tampa River Walk



Below are the names of Tampa and Hillsborough County’s most influential ancestors. Of course, there are many more that will be added in the future.  Please click on the name to access a biography and pictures of the monuments for each of the honorees.


Cyril Blythe Andrews

Blanche Armwood

Eleanor McWilliams Chamberlain

Meroba Hooker Crane

Edward Daniel Davis

Florida's First People - The Mound Builders

Cody Fowler

Clara C. Frye

Herman Glogowski

Gavino Gutierrez

Ignacio Haya

Kate Veronica Jackson

Peter Oliphant Knight

Bena Wolf Maas

Hugh Campbell Macfarlane

James McKay, Sr.

Francisco Aristides Rodriguez Jr.

Garfield Devoe (G.D.) Rogers

Norma Tina Russo

Paulina Pedrosa

Henry Bradley Plant

Moses White

Mack Ramsey Winton, MD

Vicente Martinez-Ybor 


Click here for a map of the locations of each monument.